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There’s nothing better than feeling informed and in control of the financial side of your practice.

That feeling comes from having a CPA advisor to help sharpen the focus on your business goals, build your financial acumen, set up an accounting system that produces insightful reports, and craft a tax strategy.

As your practice grows, taxes will likely be your largest expense each year.

Personalized advice from JBA CPA helps you reduce your tax expense and put more cash in your pocket, which makes every dentist smile.

Our advisory approach and responsive service set us apart and provide your practice with tailored strategies for financial well-being and plans to reduce the tax burden year over year.

Transferring knowledge to our clients creates an environment where we all ask better questions and get better results.


CPA Services for Medical Arts:

Practice Acquisition

By putting together a valuation report and five-year cash flow projection, we let buyers know exactly what they are getting and how their tax situation will be impacted. We work hand-in-hand with your Attorney and your Banker to close the acquisition smoothly.

Accounting Services

We use cloud-based accounting systems to provide up-to-date financial information that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.


We have the resources to compare your practice’s financials to others in the area to analyze your performance.

Tax Compliance

We can complete and file your individual and business tax returns, including estimated tax payments for the subsequent year, responses to general notices, and tax questions during the year.

Tax Strategy

We put together a customized strategy with your input and update it continually. Your tax strategies can include retirement plans, organization structure work, entity selection, depreciation planning, and buy/sell analysis. Our plans are designed to work with other service providers for other more complex planning or financial management.


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Jim Alley


Jim has been working in public accounting for over 20 years focusing on helping business owners maximize their profits while saving on taxes. AFter working with several Dentists over the years he realized that working with them resulting in some great relationships and also he has learned much to help them leverage their practices to reach their financial goals. 

Jim enjoys running marathons and racing in triathlons. he has been a mere 12 seconds away from running the Boston Marathon and has comleted a handful of IronMan triathlons. While he still enjoys his endurance sports now he spends down time with his wife, Lauren, and son, Wyatt, who was born in 2019. 

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